Universities and Colleges

Universities and Colleges

The University and College sector, internationally, is much the same as the K-12 market in that there is an increasing demand for quality programming, particularly Canadian. As an example, the College of the North Atlantic (CAN), which is the community college system of Newfoundland and Labrador, responded to a tender from Qatar and was thus awarded the largest educational contract ever in Canada.
Namely, an amount of $500 million was awarded to CAN to establish a significant community college in Qatar.
At present, there are over 150 Canadians (predominantly - New foundlanders and Cape Bretoners) working and living in Qatar.
Moreover, recent discussions with interested parties in India and China have established that similar demand exists in those massive markets

Edume gives you unmatched consultation without compromising on experience

Much like the K-12 market, EDUME provides the following services for the post-secondary sector:

  • 01

    Seek out the ‘best of the best’ in Canadian post-secondary education. EDUME seeks out the best partner institutions, programs, and courses in Canada.

  • 02

    Identify, recruit, and contract faculty and administrators.

  • 03

    Develop a stringent quality assurance plan and ‘requirements’ documentation.

  • 04

    Develop ‘curriculum template’ and intellectual property agreements.

  • 05

    Provide a critical on-going liaison function.